On the Teaching of Chinese Reading

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Author: Liu Songhao;
Language: Chinese
Format: Book
Page: 247
Publication Date: 08/2016
ISBN: 9787561945469
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<b>Usage Advice: </b>A teaching material for graduate students<br/>
1. This book isacademically valuable and reflects the nature and status of development of thesubject;2. As regards thewriting, the book strives to be concise and lively, avoiding boring mechanicalinput; the connections between chapters are paid attention to, with contextualinformation provided at important places for reference; relatively longchapters are provided with summaries to help readers sort out the content;3. The exercises are fun and challenging, able to cultivate students’thinking and hands-on ability.<br/>
<b>About the Author</b><br/>
Professor Liu Songhao graduated from the ChineseDepartment of Peking University in 1989 and has been teaching in the School ofChinese as a Second Language, Peking University ever since. Mr. Liu has taughtChinese in Fiji, America and other places. His research interests include CFLteaching (textbook writing, teaching theories, teaching of reading andlistening, etc.), second language acquisition (language development, individualdifferences, etc.), and teacher education from the socio-cultural perspective,etc.<br/>
On the Teaching of Chinese Reading