Vocabulary List for New HSK Level 2 (151 words)

IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 baba5particle indicating polite suggestion; | onomatopoeia | bar (serving drinks, providing internet access, etc.)
2 báibai2white; snowy; pure; bright; empty (Kangxi radical 106)
3 bǎibai3hundred
4帮助 幫助 bāng zhùbang1 zhu4help; assist; aid
5报纸 報紙 bào zhǐbao4 zhi3newspaper
6 bi3compare; (indicates comparison) (Kangxi radical 81); to gesticulate as one talks
7 biébie2don't do something; don't | depart; | other; difference; distinguish
8宾馆 賓館 bīn guǎnbin1 guan3guesthouse; hotel
9 cháng | zhǎngchang2 | zhang3long; length | grow; chief (Kangxi radical 168)
10唱歌 唱歌 chàng chang4 ge1sing (a song)
11 chūchu1go out; occur
12穿 穿 chuānchuan1to wear; put on; penetrate
13 ci4(mw for number of times of occurrence); nth; order
14 cóngcong2from; obey; observe
15 cuòcuo4mistake; error; blunder; miss an opportunity
16打篮球 打籃球 lán qiúda3 lan2 qiu2play basketball
17大家 大家 jiāda4 jia1everyone
18 dàodao4arrive (at a place); until (a time)
19 dede5(complement particle)
20 děngdeng3to wait; rank; equal; etc.