New Greater Hangzhou: A New Gudie

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CHEN Gang (陈刚),otherwise named George or Kioki,was born and bred in Hangzhou.Having published over 50 books,he is senior professional translator &interpreter(as well as government-designated part-time interpreter for years),professor of English&Translation Studies,guest professor and head of the steering committee on tourism English teaching of China'S first tourism vocational college,national-class Tour Guide Extraordinaire(one of the 23 in China and the only one in Zhejiang),supervisor of postgraduates in Translation Studies,and head of the,Institute of Translation Studies in Zhejiang University,known as Oriental Cambridge and one of The Top Three in China.
  He has for long worked and studied or promoted and managed China tour in many foreign countries,including the Middle East, the U.S.A. and Canada.His published works feature a winning combination of professionalism, pragmatics and scholarship mainly in translation research, global tourism and cross-cultural studies. Tourism Translation & Guide-Interpreting is known as the only national key book (monograph) of its kind in China. Besides, he is the author of West Lake Poetics, Greater Hangzhou: A New Travel Guide, China Travel Kit Series (Hangzhou & Zhejiang), and New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide; compiler of Royal Classic China Tour (USA & ANA); chief compiler and writer of the coursebook Professional Guide; chief reviser of the textbook Travel Service Case Studies; and co-author of An Incomplete Guide to Hangzhou.He is also the chief translator of A Trip to Mountains and Rivers in Zhejiang Province and West Lake Guide Series, one of the few official translators of Macmillan Encyclopedia, and translator of many other Chinese and English works of various subjects, some of which are important award-winners.In addition, his more than 100 essays on tour guiding, cross-cultural interpreting, tourism translation, translation teaching, and translation studies can be found in national and provincial academic publications and media.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 今昔大杭州
Chapter 2 人间天堂杭州
Chapter 3 历史名城杭州
Chapter 4 中国最美的西湖
Chapter 5 跨湖古堤
Chapter 6 湖中仙岛
Chapter 7 环湖景观
Chapter 8 湖北景观
Chapter 9 湖西景观
Chapter 10 湖南景观
Chapter 11 湖东景观
Chapter 12 南线新景区
Chapter 13 西线新景区
Chapter 14 新湖滨景区
Chapter 15 西溪国家湿地公园
Chapter 16 运河景观
Chapter 17 博物馆、纪念馆及名人故居
Chapter 18 杭州风味
Chapter 19 大杭州主要土特产
Chapter 20 杭州传统节令习俗
Chapter 21 当代杭州旅游节庆
Chapter 22 杭州近郊之旅
Chapter 23 富春江-新安江-千岛湖国家级风景名胜区
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New Greater Hangzhou: A New Gudie