Book Series: Listen to Me: Elementary Chinese Listening Course

Listen to Me is a series of elementary Chinese listening textbooks catering to non-native Chinese learners who have mastered more than 500 Chinese words or who have studied Chinese for 3-5 months. After finishing this series, learners will be able to understand Chinese speakers and freely engage in everyday conversations.

1. Listen to me advances gradually, beginning first with simple concepts and then moving on to more difficult concepts. Although this series of textbooks is written for non-native Chinese learner with a command of more than 500 Chinese words, the first lesson introduces a Pinyin section with the Pinyin section with the purpose of helping students firmly grasp Chinese phonetics and tones, cultivating their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.
2. Listen to me aims at choosing the most interesting and realistic listening materials with the purpose of attracting the students' attention. In addition, teachers can easily assess the students' progress and judge their performance.
3. Listen to me cultivates in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and values through listening exercises based on everyday Chinese life.
4. Listen to me is a series which takes the HSK and BCT examinations into consideration. In the process of compiling this series of textbooks, the characteristics of various HSK and BCT listening examinations were fully considered. This series pays special attention to students who intend to take the HSK and BCT examination and has based some portions of the series on the examinations in order to better prepare future HSK and BCT examinees.

The Listen to Me series contains three books. Each book consists of 20 lessons which are then further broken down into four units. In each book, every lesson contains two to three listening texts which focus on a specific topic with the narration of each unit being closely related to the dialogues. Comprehensive exercises summarize key points of the lesson through each unit's testing
and review sections. With the exception of Book 1, Unit 1 which focuses on Pinyin, intonation and pronunciation, after every four units an exam will be provided to measure the students' progress. This exam will focus on the key points and comprehensive exercises already learned in the previous four units of the book and will be in the structure of the HSK and BCT examinations which includes, but is not limited to methods such as true or false questions and multiple choice questions.

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Listen to Me: Elementary Chinese Listening Course 1 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787301180228,7301180225 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2011
《你说我听:基础汉语听力教程(1)》是一套初级汉语听力教材,共分3册,每册4个单元,每单元包含4个听力训练课和一课单元测试。本套教材的主要特点 是:1.由浅入深,从易到难,循序渐进;2.录音材料轻松活泼,生动有趣:3.听力训练的同时兼顾文化因素的体现;4.与汉语水平考试有机结合,融应试技...

Listen to Me: Elementary Chinese Listening Course 2 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787301180211 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2011
《你说我听:基础汉语听力教程(2)》是一套初级汉语听力教材,共分3册,每册4个单元,每单元包含4个听力训练课和一课单元测试。本套教材的主要特点 是:1.由浅入深,从易到难,循序渐进;2.录音材料轻松活泼,生动有趣;3.听力训练的同时兼顾文化因素的体现;4.与汉语水平考试有机结合,融应试技...

Listen to Me: Elementary Chinese Listening Course 3 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787301191026, 7301191022 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2011