Introduction to Energy and Power Engineering

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Table of Contents
1An overview of energy1
12Various types of energy8
13Energy situation in China28
Chapter 2Measures of extracting energy from natural resources32
21Coal fired power plants32
22Hydro power plant35
23Pump-storage hydro power plant41
24Wind power unit and plant44
25Nuclear power plant54
26Coal mining and deep-sea mining59
Chapter 3Basic principles62
31Newton’s laws of motion62
32Energy principles in a broader view66
33Fluid mechanics72
Chapter 4Utilization of kinetic energy of water80
41Tidal energy utilization80
42Wave energy83
43Hydrokinetic turbines88
Chapter 5Impeller pumps90
51Classifications and terminology90
52Pump parameters96
53Pump performance curves and matching a pump to a piping system98
54Pump cavitation and net positive suction head101
55Pumps in series and parallel102
Chapter 6Thermal power equipment106
61Internal combustion engine107
Chapter 7Prospect in energy and power engineering128
71Industry 40129
72Computational techniques and their applications133
73Cavitation erosion135
74Additive manufacturing135
75Design bionics136
76Clean technology137
AppendixCross-reference list140
Introduction to Energy and Power Engineering