Insights into Chinese Culture

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Featuring the distinctive heights of Chinese culture, the authors share
with you their insights into the concepts and passions of the Chinese
nation over the past 5,000 years. On reading through this historical
range of remarkable creativity and flair for innovation, still evident
today in living artistic masterpieces and folk traditions, you soon
acquire a better understanding of the cultural character, life views,
aesthetic pursuits and national spirit of the Chinese people. Through
every work of art or architecture, a fascinating story or legend
Table of Contents
Wisdom and Beliefs
1. Confucian Thought on Heaven and Humainity
2. Laozi`s Philosophy of Non-action
3. Sunzi`s Art of War:Source for All Books on War
4. The Temple of Heaven:reverence with Awe and Gratitude
5. Eco-awareness in Traditional Chinese Culture
Greativity and Exchange
Art and Aesthetics
Folk Gustoms
A Brief Chronology of Chinese History
Index of Persons
Index of Major Sights
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Insights into Chinese Culture