Humanistic Shandong

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Table of Contents
Magnificent Rivers and Mountains Nurturing Human Dignity
Majestic Mount Tai Endowing Shandong People with Exquisite Nature
The Choppy Yellow River Endowing Shandong People with Perseverance
The Vast Ocean Endowing Shandong People with an Open Mind
Long History Reflecting the Chinese Civilization
Brave Bold and Unrestrained Dongyi Culture
Ceremonious and Practical Qilu Culture
Obsessional Sensation of Shandong
Sages and Men of Virtues Illuminating China Forever
Confucius Advocating 'Benevolence' & Establishing Confucianism
Mencius Advocating 'Righteousness' & Developing Confucianism
Xuncius Advocating 'Combination of Ritual and Law'
Mo Tse Advocating 'Universal Love' & 'Non-Attack'
The Art of Wars, Military Bible
Jixia Academy, Contention of All Schools
Confucianism Becoming the Mainstream
Elites Glittering Qilu Wisdom
Great Strategy Stabilizing China
Fine Articles Widely Read for Generations
Competitive Art Products Condencing Talents
Skillful Craftsmen Developing Science & Technology
Rich Carriers Presenting Deep Humanity
Cultural Relics and Long History
Music and Dance Being Enthusiastic and Passionate
Chinese Opera Conveying Ties of Friendship
Folk Artistry with Delicacy and Craftiness
Life Style with Rites and Orders
Benevolence & Sincerity Showing Virtues
Filial Piety & Ardent Love for Hometown
Taking Responsibility & Serving the Country
Hospitality & Respect for Seniority
Integrity Chivalry & Bravery
Yi-meng Spirit: Selfless Love
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Humanistic Shandong