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Experiencing Chinese Short-Term Course (Revised Edition): Cultural Communication in China (50-70 hours)
ISBN: 9787040550498 | Published on 10/2020 | Series: Experiencing Chinese Short-Term Course (Revised Edition)

Comprehensive Chinese:Understanding the People and the World (B)(With CD)
ISBN: 9787040216677 | Published on 06/2007 | Series: Comphrehensive Chinese
The textbooks were compiled by teachers in Harvard's Chinese Language Program. There are altogether ten books (two books each year), fit for...
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Diving into Chinese level 3 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787040415100 | Published on 05/2015 | Series: Diving into Chinese
《Diving into Chinese 少儿汉语阶梯读物·初级3(附MP3光盘)》属于“Diving into Chinese...
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Experiencing Chinese: Living in China Advanced (60-80 Hours) English Version with 1 MP3
ISBN: 9787040331295 | Published on 07/2011 | Series: Experiencing Chinese
Revised edition available on https://www.purpleculture.net/experiencing-chinese-revised-edition-living-in-china-advanced-6080-hours-p-29526/...
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Experiencing Chinese: Advanced Course II
ISBN: 7040410982, 9787040410983 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Experiencing Chinese

The Word and the World
ISBN: 9787040496475 | Published on 10/2018

Official Examination Papers of HSK (Level 6) 2014
ISBN: 9787040389807 | Published on 01/2014 | Series: Official Examination Papers of HSK (2014) | Reviews:

Experiencing Chinese Intermediate Course 1 (with audios)
ISBN: 9787040361827 | Published on 10/2012 | Series: Experiencing Chinese Intermediate Course

Diving into Chinese Level 1 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787040415032 | Published on 05/2015 | Series: Diving into Chinese
《Diving into Chinese 少儿汉语阶梯读物·初级1(附MP3光盘)》属于“Diving into Chinese...
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Experiencing Chinese - High School 1A Student Textbook
ISBN: 9787040222593 | Published on 06/2008 | Series: Experiencing Chinese for High School
This series is complied for senior high school students who are beginning to learn Chinese, including senior students in public and private high...
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Founded in 1954, Higher Education Press (HEP), directly under the Ministry of Education, is a large-scale comprehensive publishing house, whose business covers different levels of education, such as science and technology, humanities, foreign languages, teaching Chinese as the foreign language, vocational and professional education, teacher training, exam preparation etc, which make HEP an important base of the R&D (research & development), production and sales of teaching materials in China. 
At present over 2,000 new titles and 5,000 reprint titles come out annually from HEP with the total sales volume of 110 million. HEP's Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language series draws on extensive experience and research in the field. Published in more than 10 languages, this publication's goal is to share Chinese language and culture with people across the globe. With editions that range in nature from long-term education to short-term training, from dictionary definitions to cultural explanations, the textbooks guide the user toward "experiencing Chinese, experiencing happiness, and experiencing Success."