Hello Beijing (Revised Edition) vol.1 (with DVD)

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Author: Huang Zhengcheng;
Language: English
Format: Book + DVD-Video
Page: 233
Publication Date: 08/2008
ISBN: 9787561921555
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: Hello Beijing (Revised Edition)
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Elementary, Intermediate
This book is an elementary audio-visual textbook combining the teaching of listening and speaking. It is suitable for self-taught Chinese beginners.
It has two volumes, and takes a functional-structural approach. The texts are compiled according to different functional items such as inquiring, appraising, talking about hobbies and expressing needs. It attaches importance to develop the students' communication skills. The linguistic structures such as "noun + verb" sentences, general interrogative sentences and special interrogative sentences are arranged in a step-by-step way. English annotations are provided for language points and grammar notes.
The content is finely plotted. It successfully solves the difficulty of vocabulary and sentence structures through visual language. The lines of each character are vivid and interestingly written in simple language. The actors give wonderful performance which is well-balanced between reality and exaggeration.

About the Author
Huang Zhengcheng, Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, has published many textbooks and reading materials for foreigners to learn Chinese, such as Tourist Chinese, A New Chinese Course, Standard Chinese Course, Learning Chinese, Chinese Ancient Historical Figures Stories.
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Hello Beijing (Revised Edition) vol.1 (with DVD)