Book Series: Happy Chinese: An Audiovisual Oral Chinese Course for Intermediate and Advanced Students

The content for this audio-visual textboðk was compiled from 240 episodes of China's first cartoon TV sitcom, "Happy Stuff', a show that has been well-received by TV viewers and internet users alike. The series was named one of the best Chinese cartoons by the State Bureau of Radio and Televtsion.
The series depicts the life of a pair of twins, a brother and a sister, in the hutongs (alleys) of Beijing, reflecting the concepts of family, friendship and love that are special to modem China. The distinct characters, lively and interesting plot, snappy and humorous dialogue, as well as excellent production values and dramatization all let the students relax and enjoy themselves while learning about what it means to live in China today.
There are three volumes for this textbook; every volume has a DVD and a slowed-down MP3 audio recording and a selection of ten intensive viewing episodes plus five extensive viewing episodes appropriate for intermediate level learners of Chinese, The teaching materials are characterized by:
1. A reasonable length of about 9 minutes per episode that makes the video a highly suitable Chinese language audio-visual oral study aid.
2. A combination of classic and contemporary dialogue that offers the students a realistic, authentic language environment in which to better grasp the essence of oral Chinese, allowing them to get a feel for the language and providing an opportunity to improve their listening comprehension in real-life scenarios.
3. Detailed explanations of language points along with a wide-variety of exercises and questions concentrating on oral expression practice that serve as a teaching resource suitable for both classroom instruction and self-study.
In short, this unique audio-visual teaching resource blends cultural, scientific and thought-provoking content, making it the ideal choice for students.

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Happy Chinese 1: An Audiovisual Oral Chinese Course for Intermediate and Advanced Students (with 1 MP3 and 1 DVD)
ISBN: 7301175922,9787301175927 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 08/2010 | Reviews:
This set of textbook and DVD/CD set is an advanced Chinese language learning program that compiles some of 240 episodes of China's...