From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022

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2021 marked a pivotal year for the development of China's digital economy. On October 18, while presiding over the 34th group study session of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized 'Looking forward, we should take into consideration both the domestic and international situation, and both development and security, with a view to achieving the overall goal of national rejuvenation against a backdrop of global change on a scale unseen in a century. We should fully exploit our advantages in massive data and the diverse scenarios where it is applicable, and further integrate digital technology with the real economy. We should empower traditional industries to transform and upgrade, foster new industries and business forms and models, and improve, expand, and strengthen our digital economy.'
In 2021, Xi Jinping successively presided over the ninth meeting of the Central Commission for Financial and Economic Affairs and the 21st meeting of the Central Commission for Further Reform, which set out the orientation and drew a blueprint for the standardized and sound development of the platform economy, a new economic form that has been most active in the field of China's digital economy in recent years. As he emphasized, 'It is important to adhere to the correct political direction, proceed from the strategic perspective of building new competitive edges, pay equal attention to development and regulation, grasp the law governing the development of the platform economy, and establish a sound governance system for the platform economy'. It is also important to encourage enterprises to play a positive role in advancing technological progress, flourishing the market-based economy, bringing convenience to people's life, and engaging in international competition. In this year, the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Digital Economy was officially issued, and relevant ministries and commissions jointly introduced the Opinions on Promoting the Standardized, Healthy and Sustainable Development of Platform Economy.
As time goes by, it has been the middle of 2022 when the book is put for publication. In the past months, many new changes have taken place in the digital economy and the platform economy, embracing a more orderly and sound development. In the first half of this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic continued to spread in many parts of the country, we saw that the digital economy showcased its efficiency, flexibility and resilience in ensuring people's livelihood, stabilizing employment, promoting the resumption of work and market, and boosting consumer confidence.
On January 17 this year, Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at a virtual session of the 2022 World Economic Forum, 'We need to move forward by following the logic of history, and develop by keeping pace with the trend of our times. Whatever the trials and tribulations, humanity will move on. We need to learn by comparing and analyzing long cycles of history, and see the change in things through the subtle and the minute. We need to foster new opportunities amid crises, open up new horizons on a shifting landscape, and pool great strengths to overcome difficulties and challenges.'
We hope this book could provide food for thought for readers, inspire them to reflect upon the trend of the times from details of the transition from digital life to digital society, and then contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of the digital economy.
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Annual Insights
About Users: The First Step in New Prospects-New Choices After Consumption Recovery
Digitization Alleviates Supply-Demand Imbalance in the Elderly Economy——Young People's Rational Consumption Drives Local Brands
Green Consumption Reflects the Quality of Frugality——Suburban Travel Becomes the New Trend
Double Upgrade in Category and Quality——Small Towns and Big Cities Synchronize Their Way of Living
Expert opinion: Expanding New Space for the Development of the Digital Economy
Expert opinion: 'Stabilizing Income While Accommodating Flexibility'
Is Necessary to Expand the Middle-income Group
Research report: Analysis of Life Services Consumption Operations in 2021
About the Industry: Technological Innovation Stimulates New Industry Models and Formats
With the Constant Growth in IT-based Applications, Technological Innovation is Driving 'Intelligent Manufacturing in China'
Digital Technology Creates a New Growth Space for the Service Sector
Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodles and Hegang Skewers: Examples of the Signature Snack Industry in Industrial Cities
Expert opinion: Boosting Supply Chain Digitization Through Community E-commerce
Expert opinion: Technological Innovation Stimulates New Industry Formats and Models
About New Professions: Digitization Opens New Space for Employment Based on National Standards Created for New Professions
Digitization has Created New Professions-New and High-tech Professions Have Become Increasingly Popular
Digitization Broadens the Employment Path for Key Groups Across Cities and Rural Areas
Creating a Safety Net and Improving Protection of Rights in Flexible Employment
Expert opinion: Explore a Sustainable Mechanism for Casual Worker Protection
About Society: Social Governance Is Undergoing Accelerated Intelligent Transformation
About Charity: Digital Technologies Boost Third Distribution by Unleashing the Power of Good
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Sample pages of From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022 (ISBN:9787119132044) Sample pages of From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022 (ISBN:9787119132044) Sample pages of From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022 (ISBN:9787119132044) Sample pages of From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022 (ISBN:9787119132044)
From Digital Life to Digital Society Annual Review of Chinese Digital Economy 2022