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The Anthology of Cao Zhi's Poetry
ISBN: 9787119102689 | Published on 01/2018
The five-character poems of Cao Zhi has a place and makes a great achievement in the history of literature. He is an outstanding poet in the Jian-an...
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Xi Jinping Important Speeches at the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
ISBN: 9787119123691 | Published on 05/2020

English Version of Poems of Chu Jiwang
ISBN: 7119094424,9787119094427 | Published on 06/2015
Being a poem lover, Chu Jiwang has created many poems in his life and work, which not only express his patriotic and worrying feelings about people,...

Chinese Classics: Sunzi: the Art of War; Sun Bin: the Art of War (Chinese-English)
ISBN: 9787119097749 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: FLP Chinese Classics | Reviews:
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Chinas Bevölkerung: Entwicklung und Probleme (German Version)
ISBN: 9787508504452 | Published on 01/2004

Into the Amazing Puzzles a Chinese Journalist's Travels in Europe
ISBN: 7119097954, 9787119097954 | Published on 05/2016

ISBN: 9787119098906 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: FLP Chinese Classics | Reviews:

Sunzi:The Art of War
ISBN: 9787119121635 | Published on 10/2019

Keywords of Report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
ISBN: 9787119084466 | Published on 10/2013
The international community has watched with close attention the convening of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and hopes by and large to learn...

Three Word Primer, Canons for Disciples, One Thousands Words
ISBN: 9787119102665 | Published on 05/2016
In this book, three English words correspond to three Chinese characters, showing concise and novel form, unique style, orderly and beautiful...

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Established in 1952, Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a professional international publishing house. Over the past half century, FLP has published, in 43 languages, over 30,000 book titles, including the works of Party and State leaders, important records and documents, and books providing social, political, economic and cultural insight on China, totaling over 400 million printed copies distributed throughout more than 160 countries and regions in the world. As well, FLP has taken full advantage of its hallmark reputation to publish series of distinguished foreign-language teaching books.