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Stories of Chinese People's Lives II - People in Their 70s
ISBN: 9787513581417, 751358141X | Published on 10/2016 | Series: Stories of Chinese People's Lives
The Stories of Chinese People' s Lives (Volume II) presents true stories of ordinary Chinese people from all walks of life to Chinese learners at...

Chinese Printing - A Window to Chinese Civilization and Culture
ISBN: 9787513559942 | Published on 08/2015

Health Qigong: Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shier Fa (with CD &DVD, German Version)
ISBN: 9787119078885 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: Health Qigong (German Version)

Understanding China: 100 Key Terms
ISBN: 9787521320893 | Published on 10/2020

HSK Test Syllabus: Vocabulary Handbook (Level 5)
ISBN: 9787513599306 | Published on 04/2018 | Series: HSK Vocabulary Workbook | Reviews:
HSK Syllabus · Vocabulary Handbooks , which can be divided into four volumes by level, are self-study handbooks of HSK vocabulary. HSK...

Tactics for HSK Listening Level 5
ISBN: 9787513573580 | Published on 05/2016 | Series: HSK Class Series
Tactics for HSK Listening, Reading & Writing series are compiled by experienced Chinese teachers who teach in well-known colleges and...

Health Qigong: 12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises (with CD)
ISBN: 7119078690, 9787119078694 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: Health Qigong | Reviews:
Health Qigong - 12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises, as a new series of qigong exercises, was designed and compiled by the Chinese Health...

Model Tests for HSK Level 3 (2018 Edition, with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787513597135 | Published on 01/2018 | Series: Model Tests for HSK (2018 Edition) | Reviews:
Model Tests for HSK is written by senior teachers who have been teaching HSK for many years, with rich teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of...

Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction to Its Aesthetic and Technique
ISBN: 9787521304480 | Published on 11/2018 | Series: Bilingual Classics of Liberal Arts | Reviews:

Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) 6: Textbook
ISBN: 9787521323009 | Published on 07/2021 | Series: Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition)

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Founded in 1979, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. 
FLTRP's publications range from academic and educational works, to humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and to the mass reading and children's books. With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world.