Folk Brick Carving

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Brick carving is a special genre of art extensively applied in architectural décor, especially of the traditional type. Based on bricks, pottery and the art of stone carving, the form is traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770-221 BC). With its distinct national overtones, the art has gathered for itself a significant niche in the history of carving and sculpture.

Collected in this book are more than 200 beautiful pictures covering a full range of topicality such as carving on screen walls windows and doors, eaves and rooftops, as well as stucco sculpture and glazed bricks, exuding great artistic appeal. The book, prefaced by a treatise, is designed as part of the efforts to pass on and advance China's tradition, culture, and may also serve as a reference for artists and designers.
Table of Contents
Screen Wall brick Carving
Detached Screen Wall
Wall-attached Screen Wall
Door and Winclow brick Carving
Door Brick Carving
Window Brick Carving
Openwork Brick Carving
Wall-face brick Carving
Eave-wall Brick Carving
Front-porch Wall Brick Carving
Courtyard-wall Brick Carving
Gable Wall Brick Carving
Root:top Brick Carving
Main Ridge Brick Carving
Sloping Ridge Brick Carving
Stucco sculpture
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Sample pages of Folk Brick Carving (ISBN:9787119046723)
Sample pages of Folk Brick Carving (ISBN:9787119046723)
Folk Brick Carving