Expert of Chinese in 30 Days Elementary (withMP3)

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The book can be used as an intensifying material for short-run classes with 60 ~ 80 studying hours, or used by language training classes with fewer weekly studying hours, or as self-teaching material. There are 20 ~ 25 phrases in each lesson in the Elementary Textbook, mostly using words from level-A. The Intermediate Textbook includes 25 ~ 30 phrases in each lesson, mostly using words from Level-C. They are selected based on the HSK outline but not limited to it. Frequently used phrases are given priority.
Table of Contents
第1课 我是 
第2课 请转3号楼 
第3课 去购物中心 
第4课 您想买什么 
第5课 天气怎么样 
第6课 你哪儿不舒服? 
第7课 去朋友家 
第8课 你想吃点儿什么 
第9课 请帮助我 
第10课 我们一块儿去玩儿吧 
第11课 去网吧. 
第12课 祝你生日快乐 
第13课 我的进步不小 
第14课 我真舍不得离开这里 
Expert of Chinese in 30 Days Elementary (withMP3)