Meaning of 鸳鸯蝴蝶派

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yuān yang dié pài (Trad.: 鴛鴦蝴蝶派)
Mandarin ducks and butterfly (i.e. love birds) literary school around 1900, criticized as populist and romantic by socialist realists
Example Sentences
The second part is on the further sublimation towards the research of the school in the 1990s.
Therefore, an overall and fair evaluation should be made into the school of mandarin duck and butterfly under current cultural back-ground.
On the other hand, researchers have from various angles tried various methods to evaluate and interpret it.
This paper is divided into three chapters. During the first chapter, there is a longitudinal analysis of the mandarin duck and butterfly school film's production, development and maturity.
The Shanghai literati group which was labelled "Mandarin Ducks and Butterflies School" in the early days of the Republican Era bears an ambiguous feature, which makes it hard to affirm its character.