Meaning of 飘逸

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piāo (Trad.: 飄逸)
graceful; elegant; to drift; to float
Related Words
Synonym: 潇洒 超脱 洒脱
Antonyms: 平庸 凡俗 普通
Example Sentences
They ask: why won' t women love us for who we are, or for our money, or our success, instead of our flowing hair and broad shoulders? The women shrug their shoulders.
The girl wore a loose pink top and a flowing red dress, and her family placed a cloth over her head to protect her from photographers.
I found little physicalities in the role, and something always happened when I put those long, flowing robes on.
A young woman sits down at the piano. Her long flowing brown hair frames a friendly face.
Perhaps, the next logo change will feature just her face, crowned head, and flowing locks?