Meaning of 洒脱

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tuō (Trad.: 灑脫)
free and at ease; natural; unconstrained
Related Words
Synonym: 潇洒
Antonyms: 庸俗 拘谨
Example Sentences
However, as a person in the society, can we really be so big-hearted?
You unhappy is the most unhappy, I could give up a lot of things can be the feel unimportant, but when I actually stood cone angle of life, I am sure, not so free and easy, really!
Most of the time he can laugh it off, but not always.
You walk this period of time, I worked hard to forget, it is no way to free and easy, so please don't say to me.
Soon as sorry took away all her happiness, he is gone, leaving her only memory of the back of a free and easy.