Meaning of 飘荡

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piāo dàng (Trad.: 飄盪)
to drift; to wave; to float on the waves; to flutter in the wind
Related Words
Synonym: 飘扬 飘舞
Antonyms: 静止
Example Sentences
Everyone mumbles along because no one wants his or her voice to stand out, and the person with the birthday forces a smile and looks at the ground until the song' s over.
Your voice, my friend, wanders in my heart.
Once again this strange look came over her face and she told me that she had seen a ghost floating above my body and that it was female!
If you don' t make any decision, it will likely remain as a thought floating freely in your mind and it will continue to bother you.
''I began to leave my body; I began to inhabit the air and silence.