Meaning of 飘扬

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piāo yáng (Trad.: 飄揚)
to wave; to flutter; to fly
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Example Sentences
Everywhere on the streets flying the five-star red flag, television broadcast are also on the founding of the motherland 60 years of change, each place feel to the festival atmosphere.
The ocean used to be a free-for-all , with fleets flying the flags of various countries competing for fish thousands of miles from home.
At that moment, we were in the bottom of my heart silent told myself: I'm an honorable Chinese young pioneers player, I want to add brightness achievement. in flying a pen!
Because I see many Chinese athletes win the game and the Chinese flat flowing, I feel pride of being a Chinese ...
Though rainbow flags fly outside the gay bars of the Nakwon district of downtown Seoul, participants in Gay Pride rallies have been known to wear masks to avoid identification.