Meaning of 韵味

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yùn wèi (Trad.: 韻味)
implicit charm in rhyme or sound; hinted appeal; interest
Example Sentences
The City of Dali is a traveler's Dream: a taste of old China in an idyllic setting. But is it destined to be ruined by tourism?
Solitude is the salt of personhood. It brings out the authentic flavor of every experience.
If he is right about the technology too, future generations will come to see English as something like calligraphy or Latin: prestigious and traditional, but increasingly dispensable.
His voice was oddly pleasant to the ear, the well-modulated voice of a gentleman, resonant and overlaid with the flat slow drawl of the Charlestonian.
Kissinger implies that only a clever diplomat such as himself can catch the sophistication of the Chinese people and their "subtle sense of the intangible".