Meaning of 雄壮

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xióng zhuàng (Trad.: 雄壯)
majestic; awesome; full of power and grandeur
Related Words
Synonym: 健壮 强壮 雄伟
Antonyms: 衰弱 纤弱 微弱
Example Sentences
One morning, while walking along the lake shore, I was approached by an excited fisherman who showed me a tree into which a bull buffalo had chased him the night before.
Now we have the trappings here of epic grandeur and epic subject matter.
The inspired look of his zipped up khaki tunics with matching pants has been spreading across the world, an obvious testament to his outstanding image and influence.
He was best known for his exceptionally large penis, which was heavily promoted as being the longest in the porn industry, although no definitive evidence of Holmes' actual penis length exists.
This stalwart and emollient song, from grow the teacher of the hot store labor practice school and University of Peking to progress the student to create the plait but become together.