Meaning of 险恶

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xiǎn è (Trad.: 險惡)
dangerous; sinister; vicious
Related Words
Synonym: 邪恶 凶险
Example Sentences
I'm finally starting to feel like my old, precancer self, as if I' ve finally returned home from a long and harrowing journey through dark and dangerous lands with plenty of earthy tales to tell.
The truth is more sinister: the world was a creation of the artificially intelligent computers that have taken over the Earth and have subjugated mankind in the process.
Some believe China Inc can be more sinister than that: for example, America thinks that Chinese telecoms-equipment firms pose a threat to its national security.
Another boss negotiating a controversial natural-resources deal found the atmosphere sinister. "You had to take your battery out of your mobile phone.
Far from being sinister, his mask is a jokey icon of festive citizenship.