Meaning of 迫在眉睫

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zài méi jié
pressing in on one's eyelashes (idiom); imminent
Example Sentences
Working to a timetable is something that we advocate during the normal school year, and particularly when exams are looming.
His position on what to do about the treaty after it comes into force is still opaque, even though that is imminent.
The reforms are so very urgent that legislation must pass swiftly with no time to read the bills even though the new laws wouldn' t take effect for several years!
Declining incomes in the North will mean slower growth of trade with the South - and indeed initial reports from some countries indicate that trade contraction is looming.
No deal is imminent - and one may never come - but the betting inside Yahoo is that Ms. Bartz has no more than a year before she will have to shake up the company or lose her job.