Meaning of 谬论

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miù lùn (Trad.: 謬論)
misconception; fallacy
Related Words
Synonym: 谬误 愚见
Antonyms: 真理 公理 卑见
Example Sentences
Stephen: I would love to say that making more money would bring me more happiness but I already saw the fallacy of thinking while on Wall Street.
But I don't want it to be persuasive because of a fallacy I actually want it to be a good argument as well, so I want it to be sound and valid.
Whether the age ratio is a prophecy or fallacy, the importance of pension activity to markets is clear.
Yep any word the admits of degrees, emits border line cases you can construct a heap argument for the fallacy of heap.
And I think the real fallacy is they' re basing the need for all this that people are dying in the streets, you know, without medical care.