Meaning of 谬误

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miù (Trad.: 謬誤)
error; mistaken idea; falsehood
Related Words
Synonym: 错误
Antonyms: 真理 正确 准确
Example Sentences
It is sometimes difficult to disentangle truth from falsehood.
The fallacy of the neoclassicals is their tenet that total employment, though hit by shocks, can be said always to be heading back to some normal level.
We human beings, subject to all the frailties and errors of human existence, cannot know how our earthly affairs may look when viewed by a superhuman intellect.
This approach reflects a great fallacy of the modern ideology of science: that scientific knowledge is a public good, equally available and potentially equally beneficial to all.
At the same time, they should add a summary of all the errors and wild exaggerations made by the climate skeptics - and where they get their funding.