Meaning of 谦逊

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qiān xùn (Trad.: 謙遜)
humble; modest; unpretentious; modesty
Example Sentences
"He was a humble and understanding man, and he treated me well," she told me.
"I hardly dare to accept your generosity, " Old Chu humbly replied. "From now on, I will do even more good deeds to show my deep gratitude. "
And we -- and when we do so, though, we will always do so with the humility and understanding that we are not perfect and that we still have much progress to make.
My sister, in turn, would be amazed with both the depth and excitement of my experience, as well as my modesty in thinking of the stories as nothing special.
Also as thrilled as I am to be here, I stand before you with a deep sense of humility both because of how I got here and who is here.