Meaning of 覆灭

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miè (Trad.: 覆滅)
Related Words
Synonym: 消灭 灭亡
Antonyms: 生还 崛起 胜利
Example Sentences
Although the destruction of the Baghdad Zoo was uniquely tragic in its scale, zoos have always fared disastrously in wars.
It will eventually succumb to the forces of freedom and progress.
There's still more to be discovered there, and we hope to get an even better picture of how life reasserted itself after the most catastrophic global event in the history of our planet.
It carries a lot of association with it; typically involving an overthrow of a regime or a movement to fundamentally alter the way society operates.
After that day, I established my reign over Israel, and Ahab' s family, alongwith the priests of Baal, were all massacred.