Meaning of 消灭

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xiāo miè (Trad.: 消滅)
to put an end to; to annihilate; to cause to perish; to perish; annihilation (in quantum field theory)
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Antonyms: 产生 生长
Example Sentences
But to return.I have shown that no society of slaves can endure, because, in its very nature, such society must annul the law of development.
But even India's urban environments have not seen an eradication of polio.
In Europe we want to build on Kyoto, but the US proposal would in effect kill it off.
Nor is it sufficient for you to wipe out the ruling family, since the nobles who make themselves heads of new insurrections still remain.
Any Republican would, if elected president, set out to undermine precisely those government programs that work best. But Mr. Perry might not remember which programs he was supposed to destroy.