Meaning of 落叶

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luò (Trad.: 落葉)
dead leaves; to lose leaves (of plants); deciduous
Example Sentences
Neven is excited about the potential to enable the system to identify which species of tree a leaf fell from, or the model of car parked on the street.
Fall has always been about running with a tickle in my throat from the cold, raking a yard full of leaves, watching colors change, cold temperatures, apple orchards.
I give the pretty,falling leaves as gifts to everyone.
But the poor little motherless child, when she found herself alone in the wood, and saw nothing but trees and leaves, was dreadfully frightened, and knew not what to do.
I think now we can see why these lines about the autumnal leavesare so difficult for us to incorporate into a moral reading or a theological reading of the poem.