Meaning of 舶来品

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lái pǐn (Trad.: 舶來品)
(old) imported goods; foreign goods
Related Words
Synonym: 水货
Example Sentences
But she says she hopes the display will help boost the chocolate market in China, where "qiao ke li" culture is still exotic.
Chinese architecture and art, music andmovies are derivative, and many a Chinese enterprise is merely a carbon copy ofan American one.
There is a small SlutWalk branch in New Delhi, but it is headed by a young woman who has just returned from Canada, so feels like a non- Asian import.
The modernization was not exotic, it was the modernization based on the culture and art of China.
Really, chinese net swims the enterprise is contended for for an exotic with its be flushed, be inferior to be being striven for more portion on current big cake.