Meaning of 耕耘

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gēng yún
plowing and weeding; farm work; fig. to work or study diligently
Related Words
Synonym: 耕作 耕种
Example Sentences
It's not about visionary ideas; it's about lots of good ideas which do not seem world-changing at the time, but which turn out to be great after lots of sweat and work have been applied.
So grab your favourite drink and snack, curl up with your journaling tools and cultivate your life.
Saving your marriage, rebuilding your relationship... all of this starts with, and depends on, you working on yourself.
For instance, in "Farm and Dairy" magazine in the latest issue, there is an article titled: "No-till All the Way.
So that summer, while he publicly denied he would build an Apple phone, Jobs was working on his entry into the mobile phone industry.