Meaning of 笺注

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jiān zhù (Trad.: 箋注)
to annotate (ancient texts); commentaries
Example Sentences
Most of their study of the ancient capital, the limited research results in perspective is to start from the literature and the power in the "Annotations" research itself is extremely rare.
This book often has gains in chronicle, collation, distinguishing the falsehood and compiling scattered writings.
For the sage words of mine never dare more half a step, which although kept Annotations plain and rigorous science of the wind, there are mechanical, fragmented, far-fetched character.
Notes, commentary and annotation of the colloquial words in Jia Xuan Ci Bian Nian Jian Zhu indicate the authors remarkable skill and great effort.
Annotated Works of Wang Wei by Chen Tie-mm published by Zhonghua Publishing House is the first annotated work of Wang Wei's poems and articles since the founding of new China.