Meaning of 碰钉子

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pèng dīng zi (Trad.: 碰釘子)
to meet with a rebuff
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Synonym: 碰壁 摔跟头
Antonyms: 一帆风顺
Example Sentences
Guys that get stuck in the 'friend zone' will plan their life around "The Girl."
Can the lo repair consideration on ex- this location and know very much to mutually shut up, the curiosity is certain, can be still not working to get a rebuff.
A dishonest person is bound to meet with setbacks sooner or later.
"It's not nearly as glamorous as people think to keep working on something and to keep hitting roadblocks and to keep going, " he said.
There are times when we need the courage to batter at the locked door and demand admittance even at the risk of being treated coldly.