Meaning of 狙击手

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shǒu (Trad.: 狙擊手)
sniper; marksman
Example Sentences
Although I initially did not lose consciousness, I do not remember anything from the sniper attack, nor anything else from the next two weeks.
"We've been listening to live ammunition. Some snipers are working as well, but we don't know from where, " a resident of Deraa told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.
He calls himself a "sniper, " picking his targets with accuracy, whereas my other friend is a "shotgun, " hitting everything and hoping something sticks.
It would be, like, Yeah, so today I detonated a bunker filled with snipers, and then I texted my boyfriend, and I agreed that we should only use cerulean for an accent wall.
He knew what it was like to be pinged by Japanese sniper fire, and had themedals to prove it.