Meaning of 手

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Pinyin: shǒu
English Definition: hand; (formal) to hold; person engaged in certain types of work; person skilled in certain types of work; personal(ly); convenient; classifier for skill; Classifiers:
Total strokes: 4; Radical: ; Structure: 手 + *
Pictographic: A hand with the fingers splayed
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 手
Example Words:
手表 [ shǒu biǎo ]: wrist watch; Classifiers:
手机 [ shǒu ]: cell phone; mobile phone; Classifiers:
洗手间 [ shǒu jiān ]: toilet; lavatory; washroom
手术 [ shǒu shù ]: (surgical) operation; surgery; Classifiers:
手指 [ shǒu zhǐ ]: finger; Classifiers:
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