Meaning of 然则

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rán (Trad.: 然則)
that being the case; then; in that case
Related Words
Synonym: 但是 可是 然而
Antonyms: 否则
Example Sentences
Although my deskmate defect, but I think he is a good partner.
Gong Du replied, 'In winter we drink things hot, in summer we drink things cold; and so, on your principle, eating and drinking also depend on what is external!'
You should, when necessary, supply them with food and fuel and advisethem to return, but on no account allow foreigners to land.
Very little will change drastically at first, but there will be ever increasing circles of change that emanate from this announcement on all levels.
Of course I prefer our democratic system, but we can learn a lot from China about the importance of the government articulating a clear vision for the country.