Meaning of 烦躁

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fán zào (Trad.: 煩躁)
jittery; twitchy; fidgety
Related Words
Synonym: 急躁 焦躁
Example Sentences
Or count to 10. Or do something that lets you settle down for a few moments, especially if you're feeling angry or irritable.
Question yourself: If you are feeling irritable, weepy, angry, easily upset or having other behavioural issues, it may be because you need to seek God about forgiving another or yourself.
If they see that you are over-scheduled, hyper and always on the go, they will feel this is a good way to be.
So be easy on yourself, this may work out sometimes and not others, but the more you practice, the more likely it is to work out.
I wake up thinking I have already run some miles and then get grumpy when I have to do it again.