Meaning of 浮夸

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kuā (Trad.: 浮誇)
to exaggerate; to be boastful; pompous; grandiose
Related Words
Synonym: 夸张 夸大
Antonyms: 朴实 扎实 踏实
Example Sentences
The Economist considers itself the enemy of privilege, pomposity and predictability.
"I don' t want to sound flip, " Ms. Given said, "but why not?
And disavowal pulls the underpinnings away from a relationship just as surely as other more flamboyant types of betrayal.
Almost every situation allows for a bit of levity, so remain humble and try seeing the humorous side of things.
She explains to Comus what would happen should she actually choose to break her silence, should she actually choose to unleash all of the rhetorical powers that she has pent up inside of her.