Meaning of 扎实

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(Trad.: 扎實)
Pinyin: zhā shi
English Definition: strong; solid; sturdy; firm; practical
Pinyin: zhá shi
English Definition: see 扎实
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Synonym: 踏实 结实 坚固
Antonyms: 漂浮 浮夸 夸耀
Example Sentences
But this should give you a good solid review of some of the things that we talked about.
In other words, after acquiring a solid base in English and returning to China, they have done little or nothing to build on that base.
The last, but certainly not the least trait of a great engineer is a solid foundation.
We will effectively carry out post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction work and lay a solid foundation for disaster victims to live and work in peace and contentment.
Problems in the negotiations, both sides should have a sense of urgency, step by step, a solid solution.