Meaning of 沉醉

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chén zuì
to become intoxicated
Related Words
Antonyms: 惊醒 觉醒 昏迷
Example Sentences
Who knows what my girlfriend uses in the shower, but when she comes out, she smells intoxicating.
Without this time, I feel as though I would be ignoring the important stuff while dealing only with the day to day b.s. - and now I feel addicted to this short "break" in the morning.
If you're uncomfortable talking about the ones you usually indulge in, make up some new ones.
Sitting with a cup of tea, my journal, a magazine or book, notebook, pen and dictionary - I can get lost in that scenario for hours.
Life Confucius of old, I am absorbed in the wonder of earth, and the life upon it, and I cannot think of heaven and the angels.