Meaning of 汗牛充栋

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hàn niú chōng dòng (Trad.: 汗牛充棟)
lit. enough books to make a pack-ox sweat or to fill a house to the rafters (idiom); fig. many books
Example Sentences
In the tradition of learning, they have been most discussed by readers who have also been writers.
China produced in its history many outstanding philosophers, thinkers, statesmen, strategists, writers and artists and left us numerous volumes of literature.
Joseph Conrad is a very hot spot both in China and abroad, but to the question whether he was a realism writer or Modernism writer different critics have different opinions.
Although the research results to this problem can be described as voluminous, theoretical foundation of the educational equity study in our country is still weak.
He had never dreamed that the fund of human knowledge bulked so big.