Meaning of 栋梁

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dòng liáng (Trad.: 棟梁)
ridgepole; ridgepole and beams; person able to bear heavy responsibility; mainstay (of organization); pillar (of state)
Example Sentences
Such men are the backbone of the country.
It has often been said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow - and that is so true.
Is spent, it is necessary to open; the tree, it is necessary to grow into pillars; is stone, it is necessary to shop out of the road; the class cadres, on the need of a good leader!
But above all, I see China's future in you - - young people whose talent and dedication and dreams will do so much to help shape the 21st century.
But the moment we truly get the meaning of the words is not the moment we first hear them.