Meaning of 杂烩

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huì (Trad.: 雜燴)
a stew; fig. a disparate collection
Example Sentences
I used to sit on its small balcony overlooking the street and read my book over Chop Suey and beer.
This one is called "medical mix" for Valentine' s day, it has little images like ambulances, band-aids, pills, etc.
I have never understood why anyone would want to swap a delicious pat of butter churned from milk for a manufactured hotchpotch of oils, artificially hardened to create margarine.
At some point, restaurateurs got in the habit of adding flour to make chowder thicker and thicker, and now this is what consumers have come to expect constitutes a bowl of "authentic" clam chowder.
It is uncannily similar in taste and look to New England clam chowder served in bread bowls.