Meaning of 晦涩

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huì (Trad.: 晦澀)
difficult to understand; cryptic
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Example Sentences
That amounts to clarifying the premise: "If God does not exist, I am god, " which still remains rather obscure.
It does, however, highlight one of the book' s minor flaws: an over-anxious cramming in of too many obscure statistics and calculations that should have been relegated to footnotes or an annex.
It may be able to retrieve obscure texts on, say, the classification procedures for African zebra variants, but be incapable of producing anything sensible about animals in general.
For the remainder of live recordings and other obscure songs you have, the system uploads them, just like other services do, but at a fraction of the time.
Within the past couple of years, memristors have morphed from obscure jargon into one of the hottest properties in physics.