Meaning of 旗帜鲜明

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zhì xiān míng (Trad.: 旗幟鮮明)
to show one's colors; to have a clear-cut stand (idiom)
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Antonyms: 模棱两可
Example Sentences
They target the most influential academics to act as authors, draft the articles, and ensure that these include clearly-defined branding messages and appear in the most prestigious journals.
I'm obviously a big proponent of positive thinking as the best way to achieve your goals, but it turns out that it can lead to happiness too.
In both his writings and speeches, Drucker emerged as one of Corporate America's most important critics.
The failure to make that argument with clarity cost some Democrats their seats, Clinton says - and perhaps even control of the House.
We must firmly uphold the truth, and truth requires a clear-cut stand.