Meaning of 放荡

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fàng dàng (Trad.: 放蕩)
licentious; wanton; morally unrestrained
Example Sentences
Now the Lady responds to what we can think of as his aristocratic debauchery with an economic theory of her own, and we haven't looked at that yet.
But you do not suppose that I was going to waste my time on some vulgar debauchery fit only for navvies?
Also a Mecca for Southern State teenagers who upon finishing school, head north for a week of booze and debauchery.
But to start the next wave of opportunities, we need to revive the kind of wanton cross-pollination that got us this far.
When a landowning libertine takes a fancy to her, she begins an affair which ends when he abandons her on the eve of their elopement.