Meaning of 摇曳

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yáo (Trad.: 搖曳)
to sway gently (as in the wind); (of a flame) to flicker
Related Words
Antonyms: 静止
Example Sentences
When there is a power failure, people grope about in flickering candlelight, cars hesitate in the streets because there are no traffic lights to guide them, and food spoils in silent refrigerators.
Tyler gets under the one light in the middle of the black concrete basement and he can see that light flickering back out of the dark in a hundred pairs of eyes.
The candle flickered and then went out.
He is joined by the sounds of chimes, swaying palms and balmy breezes blowing through ancient relics.
BEST known as a destination for honeymooners in search of perfect white beaches and swaying palms, the Seychelles islands rarely make any sort of headlines.