Meaning of 摆荡

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bǎi dàng (Trad.: 擺蕩)
to swing; to sway
Related Words
Example Sentences
He would climb up her trunk and swing from her branches and eat apples.
The centerboard can be raised to decrease displacement to allow the boat into shallower water - and it should swing up and back if it hits the bottom when sailing with it down
In pursuit of pleasure, not only the mundane people react extremely according to their likes and dislikes, but they also cannot stop themselves from vacillating between the two.
She has the super assize, an intuition of together feeling and person and, the most important, a can't wave of and very deep sense of responsibility.
For decades, the rules governing maritime torts as shown in international treaties and foreign statutes have been staggering between the interests of carriers and shippers.