Meaning of 控股

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to own a controlling number of shares in a company
Example Sentences
If the banks fail to engineer satisfactory loopholes to protect their profitable broker-dealer operations, they will then face a daunting choice - to be or not to be a bank holding company.
State-controlled manufacturers sell goods on the global market and buy up natural resources. Sovereign-wealth funds invest the profits from all of this activity in global markets.
However, Goldman leaders do not believe they would have to give up the financial holding company status acquired at the height of the 2008 crisis to escape the rule's ban on in-house trading.
Meanwhile Fiat Auto, which will remain in the holding company, will be free to gain scale from mergers or partnerships with other car firms and to raise capital.
Lehman will seek to place its parent company, Lehman Brothers Holdings, into bankruptcy protection, as its subsidiaries remain solvent while the parent firm liquidates, these people said.